Professional photos are the basis for a strong representation of your business, whether it’s online, print or mobile media. Our partners have often pointed to the bad quality of photos on some of their clients’ websites, mostly due to the common misperception that taking a few pictures with your smart phone will be sufficient. All too often, however, the result is an online representation that tends to discourage rather than encourage potential new customers. Top quality professional photos will make the difference.

Many of our partners have asked us early on whether it was possible to add photo shoots to our services since there weren’t any service providers who could offer this service within Germany for an affordable price. There were platforms acting as agents for local photographers, but no-one offered the possibility to define a photo product, which then could be implemented nationwide. We hesitated at first, since, as a video producer, our extensive network consisted of only video journalists and not photographers. And only very few videographers are also good photographers and vice versa. Considering the functioning processes and the extensive experience in managing creative networks, however, we decided in 2016 to offer photo shoots as well and have since built a separate photographer network.

Our photo services are supplemented with virtual tours based on 360° photos. Since Clipessence was already established within the 360° video market, it was a natural progression to include also 360° virtual photo tours. With our unique process-oriented approach, ensuring high quality, Clipessence stands for nationwide photo production at reasonable prices.

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360° Video: Addo Elephant National Park with elephants and buffaloes, Betty's Bay wir pinguins, Cape Town with Table Mountain


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